I think that there are so many people in this world who are suffering.

I don’t know if the hard life that I’ve been through can be called suffering or not, but seeing that my children have now grown up and found their own directions, I can finally say that my suffering has passed.

Now I have made up my mind to live my own life, this remaining precious life, by following my inner voice and the wisdom gained from my bitter struggle with fate. By writing this book, I hoped to be released from my burdens, having had to carry on by myself after Steven Seagal abruptly left for the USA, leaving behind our family, the dojo, and me.

These days there are many women in the workplace, even in jobs previously held only by men.

It is nothing special for a woman to be working and raising children at the same time. But in my case it was different, because I had to support my family by teaching aikido.

Even though aikido is not an offensive fighting technique, it was originally a martial art practiced mainly by men, and I was handicapped by a long absence from practice while having children.


Head instructor of aikido tenshin dojo

Miyako Fujitani

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